Common Order

How do Presbyterians worship?

If you ask a sample of Presbyterians what traditional Presbyterian worship is like, you're liable to get a diversity of answers. This isn't necessarily a bad thing! However, although Presbyterianism embraced the best of the Reformed liturgical tradition from the very beginning, many of the historical resources that shaped the Presbyterian worship of centuries past have either fallen out of use or become inaccessible to modern Christians.

We have lost something of what makes Presbyterian liturgy Presbyterian.

Many congregants and congregations are familiar with liturgical forms from the Lutheran and Anglican traditions. Indeed, many online tools and resources from these traditions exist! The same can't be said for the Presbyterian liturgical tradition. Common Order exists to make uniquely Presbyterian resources readily available for the benefit and edification of Presbyterian Christians and congregations.

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Developing the Common Order app and editing content takes time. Many of the texts I'm hoping to provide require significant formatting to get them ready for publication on the web. Your support helps provide new content and increases the amount of development time that can be spent on the project! If you're interested in helping to make Common Order possible, consider supporting development.

Meet the developer

My name is Andrew H. Waller. I am a PhD candidate in New Testament at Ridley College Melbourne, where I study the intersection of christology and narrative rhetoric in the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles. I live in Austin, Texas where I work as a software developer and serve as a lay preacher/teacher at Redeemer Presbyterian Church.